Dinners 25th-29th June

The craft fair was great fun today. Forgot to take the soup from the freezer beforehand so ended up with chicken and salad takeaway. Also didn’t get around to buying the makings of a goat curry as I was rather busy twirling paper so we went out for Thai. 🙂 The tomatoes which arrived with our grocery order were so unripe we couldn’t do the Puttanesca pasta so that will be done this week. We had sausages and roast vegies instead, cooked by the girls!
So this week is the end of term which means for 2 weeks I won’t be planning dinners. Greg is also not home for some dinners so it will be quite a relaxed week. He doesn’t like tinned tuna so the girls and I will have tuna and bean couscous salad which is one of our favourites when he is note home. As a special treat, I have promised the girls fish and chips for the end of term

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Tuna and Bean Couscous Salad Pasta Puttanesca Pea and Ham Soup Lamb Chops Fish and Chips
Tin of Tuna Onion From the freezer Lamb Loin Chops End of term 
3 bean mix Garlic Broccoli TAKE AWAY!
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