Dinners 18th – 24th June

Next week is looking kind of “normal” except that next Sunday I will be trading at the Hornsby Craft Fair at Hornsby RSL. If you’re in the area, come and say hi! So I have been busy this week being creative with paper. It means I will probably be rather tired and by the time we get packed up, another dinner will be pulled from the freezer.
When I asked on my Facebook page for some more ideas, a friend suggested a goat curry which really got me interested. Last year when we went to Canberra, I bought a goat cookbook at the cafĂ© in Parliament House so I have been going through that. I haven’t decided exactly which recipe to do yet so I am going to make it a special shopping trip next Friday. If you have any suggestions, please leave them below or over on Facebook as I have found that although appetising and easy, my repertoire is getting a bit stale and I need some input from others!
This week we also splurged and bought ourselves a new coffee machine for home. In saying splurge, I am being quite sarcastic as we bought the one on special at Aldi!! But, I must say, for $70, it makes a great coffee!
With the weather quite chilly and wet, we have quite a line up of soups and will be doing the Pea and Ham soup, with a few variations on the original recipe, in the slow cooker for the first time.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Onion Soup Pea and Ham Soup Pea and Ham Soup Lamb Chops Pasta Puttanesca Goat Curry Chicken Soup
From the freezer Ham Hock Leftovers Lamb Loin Chops Onion Still deciding on style From the freezer
Green Split Peas Broccoli Garlic Will shop on Add noodles
Gruyere Yellow Split Peas Garlic Bread Beetroot Chilli Friday Add broccoli
Baguette Carrot Potatoes Olives
Stock  Sweet Potato Capers **Craft Fair
Cumin Anchovies
Bread Roll Linguini