Dinners 4th – 10th June

Again, it’s been ages, was going to review all the places we ate at in France / Switzerland / Dubai at the beginning of the year, but didn’t. Was going to write a weekly recipe, but didn’t. Was going to review my cookbooks, but didn’t. Was going to do lots of other things, but didn’t. Was going to go back to putting our weekly dinner meal plans up but didn’t…. until now! 

Starting tonight, I will be putting our weekly meal plans for dinner back up to inspire but also have a record for myself. Not really sure which day to put it up. What do you think would be best? 

I plan quite early as I shop on a Thursday or Friday now. I was getting home delivery of organic food each week but still found I had to go to the supermarket for so many things that I decided to give that away and our local Coles has a great selection of organic produce… and I have befriended the deli manager who is trying to get more yummy cheeses in….

Our weekly activities are ridiculous this year. I really didn’t want it to ever get this way, but with two children who crave stimulation, I caved in. So Mondays we have a slow cooker meal with leftovers on the Tuesday. With swimming just started now on a Thursday evening, we also have to have something like that and so then we can have leftovers on a Friday. So for 4 meals, I only cook twice and the slow cooker is fantastic. When the warmer weather comes, I will rethink it but for now, it works a treat. 

So here is what we will be having next week. With the long weekend, we are going to wing it for dinners and see how we go depending on what we get up to during the day. 

(I must say I don’t like the changes to blogger! Having lots of trouble with the table formatting so if you have any tricks for this, PLEASE let me know!)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Lamb Curry Lamb Curry  Bean Tacos Bolognese Bolognese Wing it Wing it
Lamb Shoulder Leftovers Kidney Beans Mince Leftovers LONG LONG
Rice Bran Oil Garlic Olive Oil WEEKEND WEEKEND
Garlic Cook more rice Oil Mushrooms Cook more pasta
Ginger Tomatoes Onion
Spices Capsicum Carrots
Tomato Carrot Tomato Paste
Pumpkin Cucumber Tomato
Green Beans Lettuce Garlic
Onion Goat Cheese Italian Herb Mix
Lime Other cheese Bay Leaves
Coconut milk Avocado Red wine
Basmati Rice Taco shells Spaghetti
Mexican Spice mix