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Ok, slightly behind where I was planning to be but not stressing! I’d planned to update my blog regularly but things happen and so then other things don’t. I have learnt that sometimes things get done, other times they don’t but the world will not fall apart!
So I posted about some toast topping options for breakfast. Now I’m going to look at some other options for breakfast, today being cereal based.
I often get bored with breakfast so having some different options helps with that boredom.
I’m not a huge fan of the breakfast cereal aisle at the supermarket. Most of them are packed full of sugar or boosted with soy flour and leave me hungry after about an hour. So in this house, cereal options are quite limited.
We use organic traditional oats. I don’t soak overnight but allow some added cooking time. I also only cook it with water and add the milk to the serving bowl. I allow 1/3 – 1/2 cup per person.

  • Sliced banana on top
  • Flaked / Slivered almonds on top
  • Almond milk instead of goat milk
  • 1 Tablespoon almond meal per serving and cook with oats
  • All of the above!
It has been really hard to find mueslis that taste great, keep us satisfied and don’t have added sugar. For me, the dried fruits are sweet enough. I prefer the ones without dried fruit but variety is good 🙂 
  • One of the hazards with muesli is that you can pour out too much so for each new packet, I test measuring cups to work out the recommended serving size and keep that cup in the packet.
  • Carman’s – available in most supermarkets, they have no added sugar and are flavoured with cinnamon. They are an Australian company.
  • Macro brand Traditional Muesli from Woolworths – this is available in the health food aisle.
  • Monster Muesli Sports Muesli – this is a new find in the health aisle at Coles. It contains quinoa and only a little fruit. It is also an Australian business. I am really enjoying this one as a pre-gym breakfast.
The only other breakfast cereal we buy is Sanitarium Organic Weet-Bix. By itself, it doesn’t sustain any of us so we add a spoonful each of organic sultanas, flaked or slivered almonds and chia seeds. This makes a very satisfying and tasty breakfast.
If you can suggest and other cereals, that would be great as I’m always up for trying new ones!

2 thoughts on “Back to Breakfast – Cereals”

  1. No idea as it's porridge or eggs here. With pancakes on a weekend, lol.
    Love the idea of the almond meal in the porridge will try that next week, thanks.
    Have reminded me that Lara got me to buy some weetabix a couple of weeks ago and I have never opened them.

  2. Actually, you just reminded me I haven't posted out Breakfast Pancakes recipe. Isn't it handy how we can remind each other of things via blogs? 🙂

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