Thermomix – I got one!!!

Since writing several months ago, we got a Thermomix!! Given my Mix Master died (again), my blender didn’t seem to want to blend and I didn’t own a food processor, it was time to get something! After lots of research and deciding it would actually be cheaper to get a Thermomix than 3 different appliances, and far more practical to get 1 appliance in our tiny kitchen, we splurged and got one. WOW! What an appliance! What did I do without one and why was I so sceptical about them? No, Thermie (as it is affectionately known in our house) isn’t used every day, but certainly most! 
What do I make with it??
Rice, boiled eggs, beef stroganoff, bread, hommous, custard, steamed fish, steamed veggies, almond milk, pasta sauces, mashed potato and salads are all regulars and the number of things I am doing in it is increasing. There are still more things I prefer to do stovetop or by hand, like porridge, bolognese, stir fries, pancake mix and most of our dinners which tend to be grilled meats and veggies, but the repertoire is increasing 🙂
Since I keep forgetting my recipes or have to keep looking them up, I am going to start putting the recipes here so that I can at least just look them up quickly on my phone!