Walk for Women

Wow! It’s been a while yet I feel as if I only wrote yesterday! Between school holidays, my birthday, a holiday away, sick kids, preparing for a 5 day craft fair and training for a 50km walk, time does slip by!
Yes, a 50 km walk! I’m still amazed that I am going to do it but not only is it a personal challenge, but it is also for a good cause.
On Saturday, 11th June, there will be over 100 women participating in a walkathon to raise money for the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. Take some time and read about the incredible work they do there. You can do just parts of the walk but another friend and I have decided to do the full thing. The women we are raising the money for often have to walk a lot further than that with theses injuries so I figure a few blisters and some sore muscles afterwards is a small price to pay! For some reason, I have blister prone feet, specific points, but luckily I have discovered blister plasters – amazing inventions – so I will have some protection on the day. 
We will be walking from Coogee to Turramuarra via a very pretty but very hilly course! It is taking quite a bit of preparation fitness wise because until only a couple of months ago, I did no exercise. Now I can walk 30km and feel fine the next day. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and do challenging workouts and I LOVE it! Anyone who has known me for any amount of time will probably be rereading that thinking they have read wrongly! While I have been particularly conscious of good food for years now, exercise and sport has never been my thing, I got out of school sport whenever I could! 
Foodwise has been interesting too. For the longer training walks, I have found peanut butter on a grainy toast with a piece of fruit to be the best to get and keep me going. On the actual walks, it has been recommended that we have salty carbs (crackers etc) for snacks rather than fruit and nuts like I would have thought. We need the quick release of energy rather than slow and also the salt for hydration pruposes. So I have found Vegemite sandwiches and some jelly lollies to be the best to take for me. They are also the easiest to eat walking along.
Drinkwise I have always hated the thought of Sports drinks (particularly the unnecessary addition of food colourings. But really loathing the pharmacy electrolyte drinks, I decided to give one a go, at the recommendation of my trainer at the gym. For me, the Gatorade Endurance seems to be the one. It tastes ok (well, how good can sugar and salt in water taste?) and does seem to help with the hydration levels. Normally my hands and fingers get really puffy but on the walk I had some, they weren’t nearly as bad. I tried another walk without it and I got really puffy again. So on the day I will be carrying one drink bottle with water and one with Gatorade. There will be water stations on the way where I can refill and Pepsi are apparently donating Gatorade as well. Thank you Pepsi! (Lucky I chose Gatorade to test!)
So would you like to sponsor me??? 
There are 2 ways to sponsor.
If you see me in person, I have a sponsorship booklet you can fill out.
If you don’t see me, are overseas or would prefer, you can donate online. For the Event enter “Walk for Women BFox” and follow the prompts. If you are overseas, enter 0000 as your postcode. If you do donate online, please let me know as we don’t get notified of these ones and I would like to say “thank you”. 🙂
All donations $2 and over in Australia are tax deductible.
Thank you for your support of this great cause.