Meal Planning

Well, it’s been a busy time here the last few weeks with my first Craft Fair at the beginning of March and all the usual running around for children’s activities. While the housework has been mostly neglected, the kitchen has been humming along. There have been a couple of non-planned meals eaten out due to unforeseen happenings or more likely not being able to move my craftwork off the table, but otherwise, not much has changed. The meals have been kept very simple and I must admit a little boring. Now that the Fair is over, I am hoping to do at least one new meal a week. 
I have had quite a few people asking me recently about how I plan my meals. I do actually plan all meals, not just dinner. I’ve toyed with the idea before of developing something to help people learn to do this, whether they want to do it for health, budget or sanity reasons. Would anyone out there be interested in this service? What format would be preferred? In person, via email, an eBook? This would be a paid service but I would put a lot into it for you.
Please leave a comment below if this sort of thing interests you.