Lunch Box Zucchini Frittatas

Zucchini Frittatas
The girls LOVE frittatas for lunch at school so these are the latest ones. I used to do quiches with shortcrust or filo pastry but we discovered the pastry would go soggy in the lunch box. Amy will only eat zucchinis if they are grated and when they are she loves them. I’ve used goat cheese as we are now all on goat dairy products rather than cow. I can’t believe that even I am enjoying it! I freeze most of the frittatas to defrost in their lunchboxes by lunchtime. Served with a chopped salad.

RECIPE – Makes 12


8 eggs
100g grated cheese
250g grated zucchini (about 3 small)
1 tomato


  • Whisk eggs in a bowl.
  • Add cheese, zucchini and pepper to taste.
  • Pour into a 12 hole muffin tin.
  • Place a slice of tomato on the top of each.
  • Bake at 180ÂșC for 15-20 minutes until set and golden on top.