Birthday Baking

As if this time of year isn’t busy enough, we had to go and have 2 children in January! At least now the parties are all over, the school year can start and I can get my business really up and running, especially since Sophie starts school this year!!
So once again, they could decide on which cake design they wanted. Amy only had a playdate with 2 friends instead of a party but she still had to have a cake. She chose a Donna Hay frangipani cake from her 2009 kids’ issue magazine, using my dairy free vanilla cake recipe. Well, what a huge cake! 3 round cakes were needed, I bought a smaller tin than what she had in her recipe and it was still huge ! I had to use the lid off a plastic storage tub to put it on as it was too big for any of my trays! She thinks it serves 12-14. What is her serving size? The meringue icing was fabulous, but again, it made far too much.
Frangipani Cake

Sophie had a Pooh Bear party. I really don’t know how she became so obsessed with him but at least he is cute and more age appropriate than some other characters! Her cake was super easy. She wanted a plain cake with a store bought Pooh Bear edible icing decoration on top of orange icing. Yes, her favourite colour is still orange. The decoration has instructions that it is best to put it on fudge icing made with “icing sugar, margarine and water beaten until fluffy”. Well, no quantities were given and when I made it with the dairy free spread it all separated and was quite revolting so I made my normal butter icing and put the decoration on just when it was time for the cake at the party.

Pooh Bear Cake

I’ve just realised I didn’t post a photo of her cake from last year! She ended up not wanting the fairy princess cake, opting for a butterfly, so long as it was mostly orange!

Butterfly Cake