Nana’s Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding
2 Christmases ago I decided I wanted to make a Christmas pudding and the only one to make is the one my Nana made! I don’t actually like pudding but there is something about the smell and the ceremony around it. Growing up, there were sliver coins in the pudding but I don’t own any and apparently jewellers are no longer allowed to sell the silver tokens that were for sale for a while because they are a choking hazard!! Really!! I only have vague memories of those Christmases being the youngest grandchild and the age difference between my father and his siblings.
Although Nana lived until 101, I was never given her recipe and neither was my mother.  An email to my cousin and the recipe was handed on. I am not going to put the recipe on here but keep it in my Christmas folder. Given it was never handed out freely, I feel as if I can’t.
Having now made it for 2 Christmases, I must say, I LOVE the recipe, it really is quite easy but I still don’t like pudding!! With the mix that doesn’t fit in the pudding basin, I make cupcakes and bake them and those I really do like! I wonder if it is the whole boiling thing? ( I seem to only have photos of unbaked ones… )
Pudding Cupcake
So this year I made a double batch since it would be for serving 20 people. Not sure I needed that much but it was fun. (We ended up having a the spare small one in the new year with Greg’s family). One thing I discovered is that the container the fruit is left to brew in makes a difference to the potency of the alcohol! This is not a recipe that calls for a couple of tablespoons of brandy, oh no, we’re talking good size measurements of brandy and rum! Normally I put the fruit in my big stainless steel bowl and cover it in cling film. For the second batch, I put it in my stockpot, covered with cling film AND the lid. Oh boy! That pudding was VERY strong!

Flaming Pudding
Well, you can’t see the flames but there is a puddle of brandy on top!

We served the pudding flaming with brandy and an icecream pudding made by someone else.

Pudding with Ice Cream Pudding