I was given a wake up call this week why I started this blog. I wanted to journal what we ate, what I read about, nutrition facts, restaurant reviews of where we eat (in case we do/don’t want to go back), keep meal plans handy and keep recipes at hand of dishes we have all enjoyed so we can repeat them when we want and the girls can have them in the future.
As we were planning this week’s meals, Amy’s request was for a “soupy, chicken curry with rice we had while sitting in the lounge room one night”. We all looked at each other wondering what it was and I had no idea which meal she was talking about or how I made it. I have vague recollections of sitting in the lounge room to eat dinner (I think we have done it twice!) but no idea about what we ate or of cooking such a dish. She, however, obviously really enjoyed it! 
Unfortunately, I have started trying to write this blog as more of a what do other people want to read and is that photo good enough type of journal rather than my personal journal, thus taking too long to write, forgetting recipes and meals and missing many reviews. 
So, as of tonight, I must make a conscious effort to go back to my journal and if other people enjoy it and get something from it, great, if they don’t, well…

3 thoughts on “Journalling”

  1. I bet Amy can tell you what she was wearing at the time too when she had her soupy chicken curry thing. When you figure out what it was, I'd love to try it too…

    Our youngest can tell us what my husband was wearing when she had a choking episode on a lolly and we had to turn her upside down in the bathroom. And our eldest can often tell us what day of the week a certain event happened on – not because she has a calendar in her head, just because she remembers. I don't know how they do it.

    Though with the choking episode I think it has a lot to do with being a highly emotionally charged memory and therefore crystal clear.

  2. She probably could! I used to remember stuff like that too. I remember I lost my first tooth on a Thursday in reading groups at school!
    It is slowly coming back to me – was done in the slow cooker, I think and it was soupy by accident! Can't for the life of me remember what I put in it but guaranteed to have coriander!

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