Hardeeps Indian Restaurant

The girls and I decided to treat ourselves to dinner out tonight so we went to the little Indian restaurant, Hardeeps, in Hornsby near the station. I hadn’t been there in years, especially since Annapoorna opened, but since we won’t be going back to Annapoorna after the last time we went (didn’t get around to writing that review) I thought we might as well try Hardeeps again.
It’s a quaint little place with Indian art on the walls, a mirror covering one wall (which unfortunately I was facing and kept seeing myself!), a funny in ground curry smell and it appears to be run by a husband and wife team. They are certainly not the same people as before.
We were given a basket of complimentary puppadums but no sauce to go with them so we ordered some mango chutney for them. Of course we had nearly finished them without the chutney before it arrived so I had to order more! Cunning tactics. The puppadums were very average tasting but at least they were crunchy!
For entree we had 2 serves of vegetable samosas as they come as a serving of 2. The presentation was lovely on a hot plate with lemon, orange and shredded cabbage. It was served with a mint yoghurt sauce. Verdict: nice pastry but the filling was grey and nondescript.
For main we had Apple Shahi Korma, a “mildly spiced beef curry in a rich apple sauce”. wchich sounded a little bit different to the normal offering of curry sauces. I don’t normally order beef at an Indian restaurant so this was going to be a first. It had 1 star on the menu indicating mild so thought it would be a good choice for 2 tired girls and a tired mummy! Verdict: nice but not as exciting as I’d been expecting. The sauce was lovely, couldn’t taste any apple but it had a nice sweetness about it and the beef was lovely and tender. It also did have a bit more of a spicy kick to what we were expecting. but it didn’t wow me as being different. We ordered rice and a garlic naan to accompany. They used to include the rice with any curry ordered. You can even see where they have gone over the menu in texta to cross this offer out. The naan was lovely and buttery as was the rice.
Service was okay, they started to get more tables in as we were finishing and there were quite a few takeaways rung through and collected. The sound of a microwave was a little offputting!
So will we return? Not sure. The girls were happy enough but I think I still need to find something a bit more special.

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  1. On the advice of an Indian friend, we used to go to The Curry House at Wahroonga for butter chicken (that was in pre-dairy-free days). Yummm…

    Hardeeps sounds a bit ho hum. What happened at Annapoorna?!

  2. We've been to The Curry House at Thornleigh too – had forgotten about that one! That was nice.

    The puppadums came out soft and soggy, the service was appalling and the food quality had gone down many rungs on the ladder – was like the chef had gone away and had left things to be reheated. Also had to ask for the music to be turned down so we could actually talk to each other.

    Might need to go back to The Curry House.

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