Snack Balls

Snack Balls   ┬ęBelinda Fox

My inspiration for these snack balls has come from my horror at the list of ingredients in commercial muesli bars and the like. I was looking to make something with all natural ingredients for the girls to take to school / pre-school as well as something to have as a satisfying snack at home for all of us. The ball shape came about simply because they are quicker and easier to make with the texture of the mix.

So, the prerequisites had to be nut-free for school, egg-free for me and dairy-free for Sophie. We love our nuts here so I have also come up with a nut-inclusive version. They are also gluten free.

The texture of the dry ingredients is personal preference; you can make it as fine or as chunky as you wish. If it is chunkier, I find it a bit harder to roll.

You could add any dried fruit you like or have on hand, just make it up to 200g. The balance of “butter” / honey can also be adjusted to taste, just make it up to 200g. I have also found that adding the dry to the wet ingredients makes it easier to fully combine.

School Balls
Makes: 24


100g dried, pitted dates
100g sultanas
30g puffed millet
20g shredded coconut
20g puffed amaranth
70 g honey
130g chunky sunflower butter


  • Process dried fruit, millet, amaranth and coconut for desired texture.
  • Gently heat honey and sunflower butter until runny.
  • Add dry ingredients to honey and butter mixture and stir until well combined.
  • Roll into balls.

Store in airtight container in the refrigerator.

My “Nut Balls” substitute chunky peanut butter for the sunflower butter and include 50g almond meal.

In either version, the “butter” can also be substituted for unhulled tahini.