Following on from the entry on “Time” and the comments about the Thermomix, I thought I’d write down my thoughts on this very expensive appliance, mostly to work out whether I would really buy one.
The Thermomix, to me, is a big, German, industrial strength food processor that can also cook. Being German engineering, it is very precise and accurate and things are done very efficiently.
So what does it do? It mills, grinds, kneads, chops, mixes, cooks, steams, mashes, blends… anything else? There are so many people who think it is just fabulous, can’t live without it and they even used it on MasterChef!
I went to a demonstration at a friend’s house, she now has one and blogs about her uses for it and it really does sound useful but how different is it really to just getting a great food processor and a bamboo steam basket? It doesn’t bake or grill like I love to do. It can make a pasta dish all in the one pot, icing sugar, sorbet, flour and is easy to clean.
But I still don’t understand how it saves that much time compared to any other food processor, blender or other appliance. I guess, I don’t even use a microwave except for puppadums and occasionally reheating something. I love standing at the stove, watching things simmering, tasting, tweaking… 
Still to be convinced, I think.