Congri – Black Beans and Rice

For this dinner, I was inspired by the show on SBS, My Family Feast. Each week, Sean Connolly, a chef, visits a family in Australia to enjoy a feast from their cultural background. On Thursday 1st October, he joined a Cuban party. We were going to go out for dinner on Friday, but with the weather and 2 very tired girls, we decided to have dinner at home. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything to make mojitos (sufficed with Corona beer) but I had everything else to make the Congri.

I must say, a pressure cooker would have made a huge difference. Even though I had soaked the beans, it took well over an hour for the beans to cook with a lot of extra water – 3 hours and left overnight, in fact. This was very frustrating as they smelt so good and we ended up having to get takeaway! I also didn’t have a red capsicum but the green still tasted great. For the mixed herbs, I used Herbes de Provence. When it came time to add the rice, I used 3 cups of water.

Verdict? Yum! But I need a pressure cooker! Any recommendations?

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  1. Hey Bel, thanks for visiting my blog tonight and for well wishes on the Fiji trip. Life has been eventful since I got back. Ash has a tummy bug, a bird flew into our house window and a runaway trailer smashed into our car. So am missing Fiji peacefulness. But we'll be fine. Sorry I can't recommend a type or brand of pressure cooker but agree the texture of the beans would be improved lots with its use. Quicker too. Enjoyed your review of the Indian restaurant and am green with envy that your cherubs will try new foods so happily (waahhh, what am I doing wrong with my little guy?). Look forward to more foodie reviews. Love KimT

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