Menu Plan Week Beginning Mon 28/9/09

Now that Greg is officially “between jobs”, I’m hoping to have some more time to get more creative again in the kitchen. It certainly should give me more time having him around for the after school activities. As he told his colleagues, if you start seeing more and more beans and other legumes in the plan, he hasn’t found a job yet! I love beans and lentils so I may have more time for cooking these from dry which I prefer to do over opening a can. They all seem to taste the same out of a can. So for this week, we are having…

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Pasta + Garlic Bread Lamb Loin Chops Silverbeet and Fetta Pie Rump Steak Dinner Out Drumsticks and Gratin Tacos
Pasta Chops Silverbeet Rump Steak ??? Surprise!!! Chicken Drumsticks Taco Shells
Olive Oil English Spinach Goat Fetta Potatoes Broccoli Kidney beans
Garlic Pumpkin Onion Olive Oil Cauliflower Fresh Tomato
Beans Olive Oil Garlic Mushrooms Butter 1tin Tomatoes
Peas Cumin Shortcrust Pastry Butter Flour 1 Carrot
Pesto Puff Pastry Garlic Milk Taco spices
Goat Cheese Olive oil Broccoli Cheese Olive Oil
Romano Nutmeg – Dairy alternatives? Eschallots
Garlic Marjoram Lettuce
Butter Side Salad Avocado
Bread Rolls Cucumber
Goat Cheese