The Journey Begins

Welcome aboard my journey to discover and enjoy the gastronomical delights of the world.

I am passionate about good food and good nutrition. Why waste an eating experience on bad food? I am also passionate about organic food, not only for the nutritional and health benefits but also the environmental benefits. I believe we should support those farmers who take the effort to care for their land and the welfare of their animals. I believe that happy animals make for a happy meal!

My studies, before having my beautiful children, have included the start of a diploma in naturopathic nutrition. As well, I have worked for a major weight loss company as a motivator. Having said that, I am not a qualified nutritionist, so any claims I make are usually a personal belief or based on these introductory studies, work or personal research only. My children have also been an inspiration and motivation to create and serve healthy, nutritional and delicious (!) meals and snacks. I feel I may be creating little gourmandes with some of their requests!

I have always had a great interest in cookbooks and cooking, for which I thank my grandmother. I have beautiful memories of stirring things in bowls while sitting on a towel in her kitchen. Whether she ever cooked any of it, I do not know! And I thank her for giving me my first cookbooks which are still part of my ever-growing collection. Throughout this journey, I will be sharing my collection and experiences using them; successful and not-so-successful! It is a journal of my recipes so that they are close at hand.

Eating out is inspiring and something my husband and I love to do. From time to time, I will review where we go.

Something else that I do is to plan our meals for each week. Not only has it saved us money because I only buy what we need and always have the fresh food on hand, it also saves that stress of deciding what to make after a long day and multiple trips to the supermarket each week. I will be posting those plans, not only to keep it in my journal, but maybe inspire others to do the same or even copy them. Let me do the thinking for you! It also means that Greg will know what’s for dinner (his idea, that one!). I suggested he could then bring home an appropriate bottle of wine!!!!

So, welcome aboard and enjoy the journey….