Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baking Powder

I've just finished my packet of baking powder. This is good one one hand (means I've been baking - I've been experimenting with biscuits with varying degrees of success) not so good on the other (I want to bake but don't want to go and buy any!)

So, what can I do?


I have some Cream of Tartar (from making play dough and a meringue icing) and also have Bicarb (doesn't everyone?) After a little bit of research on the internet, I have discovered that it is really simple.

1 part Bicarb : 2 parts Cream of Tartar

ie when 1 teaspoon is needed

1/4 tspn Bicarb + 1/2 tspn Cream of Tartar.

No, that doesn't equal 1 tspn, but commercial baking powder then has cornflour added to allow it to flow.

Happy baking days ahead!