Friday, August 26, 2011

Cashew Milk

Unlike the almond milk, I just can't get the cashew milk to work that I like the taste. Sophie loves it but for me there is still a funny, almost dirty tasting after taste. The cashews have been soaked and rinsed. I also find it a lot harder to strain than the almond milk and tend to make a mess with it. It also doesn't work in my tea. :(

So I got to the point of having the recipe identical to the almond milk and not sure where to go from there. Any suggestions out there?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almond Milk

One of the reasons we got a Thermomix was to make nut milks. With cow dairy an issue here, it's nice to have a variation on goat milk from time to time. The Thermomix is very powerful and grinds the nuts and dates easily. Once it has been strained (I use some fine muslin I bought from Spotlight) it makes a lovely creamy "milk". It does NOT work in tea or coffee! It splits! It does make REALLY nice hot chocolate though and is fabulous on porridge adding more protein and keeping me, at least, satisfied for longer after eating it! I am going to try and make some custard with it...  

The almonds (and any other nuts I use) are soaked overnight as apparently the skins have enzyme inhibitors. Soaking the nuts releases them and makes them easier to digest. I also find it makes them easier to grind. It's quite interesting how "dirty" the soaking water becomes. Here is an interesting piece of information about soaking times and sprouting.

After making the milk, you are left with the ground almonds and dates which can then be used to make other things, like some yummy chocolate biscuits, the recipe for which will be coming once I get a photo of them. They don't last long enough!

This recipe uses the Thermomix but any good blender will make it, it may just mean that it will take longer to blend. I don't know how long it will last in the fridge as we use it all in one go.



1 Litre water
100g raw almonds, soaked over night, then drained and rinsed well
2 medjool dates


Place water in the jug.
Add the almonds and dates.
Slowly take the speed up to 8 and blend for up to a minute.
Strain through the muslin into a jug, squeezing as much out as possible.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thermomix - I got one!!!

Since writing several months ago, we got a Thermomix!! Given my Mix Master died (again), my blender didn't seem to want to blend and I didn't own a food processor, it was time to get something! After lots of research and deciding it would actually be cheaper to get a Thermomix than 3 different appliances, and far more practical to get 1 appliance in our tiny kitchen, we splurged and got one. WOW! What an appliance! What did I do without one and why was I so sceptical about them? No, Thermie (as it is affectionately known in our house) isn't used every day, but certainly most! 

What do I make with it??

Rice, boiled eggs, beef stroganoff, bread, hommous, custard, steamed fish, steamed veggies, almond milk, pasta sauces, mashed potato and salads are all regulars and the number of things I am doing in it is increasing. There are still more things I prefer to do stovetop or by hand, like porridge, bolognese, stir fries, pancake mix and most of our dinners which tend to be grilled meats and veggies, but the repertoire is increasing :)

Since I keep forgetting my recipes or have to keep looking them up, I am going to start putting the recipes here so that I can at least just look them up quickly on my phone!