Sunday, September 5, 2010

Father's Day Lunch - Casa Asturiana Restaurant

As usual, our day has revolved around food! We were going to catch the train and light rail to the Fish Markets but given the wind, we decided to drive into the city and to have an indoor lunch.

After the lovely breakfast of Baked Eggs, we headed to Liverpool Street for Spanish Tapas at Casa Asturiana, a favourite of ours and one which has lovely memories from our dating days!

A meal here would not be complete without sangria but since I would be driving we just went for the 1/2 litre...

For starters we chose 4 tapas; jamon serrano (Spanish ham), chanquetes (fried whitebait), chorizo a la plancha (barbecued Spanish sausage) and gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns).

Jamon Serrano

You'll have to excuse the photos as I was more interested in gettting in to eat!

Chicken and Seafood Paella - already started :)

We followed this with a chicken and seafood paella - oh wow! It was so delicious and a big hit with Amy and Sophie who loved all the tapas too.

The service was great and the 2 Spanish waitresses were lovely. Unfortunately as we were eating our paella, another male staff member decided to come through the restaurant spraying air freshener including right next to our table! I hate those things at the best of times and complained to the waitress who also could not believe that he had done it.  Next thing we knew, another 1/2 litre sangria was given to us an apology... Okay, I had another glass!

Sangria and Coffee

Since all the desserts included either milk or alcohol, Greg and I settled for an espresso each and we would look elsewhere for a dessert for the girls.

Greg and I both felt that it may be under new management since we'd last been as the food quality had improved (although they could do something about the parbake bread rolls they serve) and the serving size of the tapas was so much bigger too. The atmosphere was great with families celebrating Father's Day and it was also a good sign to see (and hear) several Spanish people dining there too.

Still a favourite.

Father's Day Breakfast - Baked Eggs

Father's Day Breakfast - Baked Eggs

It's that time of year again when we get the children to "help" make Daddy breakfast; one that is easy enough for them but still nice. Since I have been experimenting with eating eggs again, this year we decided on baked eggs; spinach and tomato topped with an egg and baked in the oven. Easy enough.... so I thought!

Actually it is easy - put some English spinach in the bottom of a ramekin, add a couple of slices on top and then crack an egg... ah yes - silly me thought the girls had had plenty of practice....

Egg #1, Child #1 - mostly on the table, some got into the ramekin but broken yolk...

Egg #2, Child #2 - ramekin, what ramekin, didn't you mean nowhere near it and all over the floor???

So after cleaning it all up, I ended up finishing the eggs and baking them at 180ºC for 15 minutes. This gives a soft but not runny yolk which tends to sit better in my stomach.

Served with sourdough (not gluten free) toast and butter.

The end result was really delicious and one that has been requested by the girls for breakfast again. It will definitely be made again - I think they need the egg-cracking practice!