Sunday, August 22, 2010

Organic and Green Expo



We are so glad we went and it's hard to know where to start writing about it.

We arrived quite early, about 10.30 so it was not too busy but too early to start the wine and beer tastings (even for me!) and of course they were the first things we came across.

Very briefly, we 
  • bought some dairy free organic fairtrade dark chocolate
  • patted animals
  • checked out raised garden bed edging made from recycled plastic
  • learnt about how to use and bought some soapnuts
  • ate a delicious pie made from organic beef - this was the food you could actually buy inside from the convention centre catering!
  • watched a Vita Mix demonstration
  • checked out MiEssence products
  • tried some very nice New Zealand yoghurt
  • got some free samples of some mueslis
  • got free samples of an organic instant coffee
  • tried to find the spelt bars we used to buy and they may come back to the country next year
  • bought some pasta and quinoa
  • got a free espresso
  • sampled ice blocks
  • were reminded that there is a supplier of frozen organic berries and vegies just up the road
  • looked at bamboo clothing
  • had the girls allergy tested (fascinating!)
  • drooled over the possibility of drinking organic champagne and cognac (yes, champagne from France, not just a sparkling wine)
Of course having the girls there slowed things down a bit and they ended up getting a bit bored and over it.

Next year, we are going to make a weekend of it, take a trolley and maybe have the girls baby sat for some of the time. I think it was really important for them to go and see and understand more about organics (no it's not just Mummy raving), animals, chemicals and sustainable living ideas and there were activities set up for the kids but it is a long day to get to see everything.

It was wonderful to see how many people attended and the interest in organics and sustainable  lifestyles.

One thing that did disappoint was the lack of "fresh food" information and displays and how it was predominantly processed and packaged foods that were on display and being sold. Just because it's organic doesn't mean it's nutritious! It would have been fantastic to see some of the small, local producers there, although the stall costs (and they would have been working) probably prevented a lot of them from going.

There was so much more to see and do that we missed out on (including the beer and wine tastings!) that we're really looking forward to next year's.

Organic and Green Expo Organic Beef Pie

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