Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Where does the time go? Already we are over halfway through the year and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. I keep saying I will write more often and yet another week passes. I keep telling myself I don't need to write a book with each entry and can keep it short, but I usually have so much going through my head I want to write down! So what have I been doing foodwise? LOTS!

I have discovered oat milk, bought an ice cream maker, not replaced my kettle, gone back to planning my weekly meals, gone on holidays and eaten out a lot, have been looking more at allergenic foods, baking bread again, experimenting with recipes, watching MasterChef.... 

So previously I said I needed to declutter the kitchen yet go and buy an ice cream maker! Well, poor Sophie really can't tolerate cow milk so I bought it to make her goat milk ice cream! I've only used it once so far and the recipe still needs tweaking, but even I enjoyed it! (Goat milk is not one of my preferred beverages). It also means that we can avoid some of the other odd ingredients that seem to go into commercial ice cream.

I did get rid of the kettle though, so I guess it was one appliance out, one in! The kettle decided to stop working and after drying it out to take to the eWaste collection, I decided that the stuff coming out of it really mustn't be good for me, so now, the cup of tea of a morning is made by boiling the saucepan on the stove. It has certainly helped me cut down on the number of cups I have too! It's a bit sad that I really notice the difference not having it on the bench makes to the usable space on my benchtop! It really highlights just how small my kitchen is!!

As for time, I guess we will always wish for more. I just need to find a way to manage it better!


  1. But you do need a Thermomix - maybe a new kitchen so you can fit it in??

  2. Ah yes, that would be lovely, but I think brick walls would need to be knocked down to remodel the kitchen to my desired dimensions! Maybe a new house?

  3. I love my icecream maker - the icecream tastes so much better and you can avoid all those 'extras'. We tend to use a lot less sugar than in the recipes.

    I hardly use my kettle as my coffee machine is my best friend :)

  4. Zan, why do we need a Thermomix? YOU have one, and we're your friends...! :-)

  5. LOL about the coffee machine! That was also another reason I saw no point in replacing the kettle. We have a stove top espresso maker now as I tend to drink black coffee and it takes up no bench space! Would love a frothy coffee occasionally though. :)
    The sugar in the recipes really is amazing, and I will be at least halving it for the next batch. Goat milk tends to be sweeter anyway.