Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I now have a Facebook page for Foxy Food. I haven't worked out how to put the badge on the website yet (tech support husband is away too!) but the link above should work for now.

I was thinking of having chats about food, recipes, nutrition, "diets", inspiration for dinner! There will also be links to the latest posts as well.

What would you like to see happen on that page?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Human Body

After spending an afternoon out at the Cleft Palate Clinic at Westmead Children's Hospital with Sophie this week, I am in in complete awe of the human body, how it works and how it can adapt (with a great bit of determination from its owner!) to overcome structural problems.

When we bring our bundles of joy home, we care and feed them as best we know how to. Babies can be vomity - it's reflux apparently, their weight gain will fluctuate, their sleeping will be hit and miss, and they will all develop differently with very different personalities and quirky traits. This is what we are told by the "experts". We dutifully weigh and measure them, express our concerns about their feeding, the contents of their nappies, their skin, their sleep, usually always to be told that no two babies are alike.

Our two babies were certainly nothing alike, except they were both about the same size at birth. Sophie was classified as a reflux baby, had milk coming out her nose, and the vomits needed bath towels, not those cute little over the shoulder burping cloths. She screamed the whole way home from the hospital in the car, sucked her thumb, moved a lot, hated crusts, but grew well enough to be told that she was fine.

Deep down there was something telling me there was something more. As she grew, the reason for not liking the car became obvious - motion sickness. Cow milk seemed to gum her up but the all-wise doctor just prescribed laxatives (didn't give them to her) - appears she is casein intolerant (not officially diagnosed as the doctor didn't seem to think blood tests were accurate enough) but can handle goat milk. Puffy sinuses and snoring - enormous tonsils and adenoids that were removed. Shortly after, she started eating crusts, harder foods and she even stopped sucking her thumb. But she still wasn't talking and still seemed to be struggling with eating. I even bought a hand-held vacuum just to clean up around her seat after meals!

After 2 years of speech therapy she is making all the sounds but still there was something not right about the quality of those sounds and she was aspirating food and thin liquids. She has even been banned from using a straw! Recurrent nose bleeds saw us going back to the ENT who then diagnosed significant velopharyngeal incompetence which has its own speech and feeding issues.

Our lovely speech therapist organised for us to go to the Cleft Palate Clinic and even came with us yesterday. After watching Sophie have a barium video x-ray which also meant squirting barium up her nose, and an endoscopy up her nose, wide awake so she could talk and three specialists and student doctors all watching, observing and talking, we finally had some reasons.

Structurally, she has some palatal problems but her body and her sheer determination to speak and her need to eat has meant she has used different muscles to speak and to close the gap when the palate would normally do it. Amazing! It's not perfect but it explains so much! Her exposed Eustachian tubes may even explain her motion sickness.

Finally, there are some answers to this puzzle. We must remember to listen to our bodies, learn what they are trying to tell us and respond. I believe, nothing happens without a reason and if something is happening to the body, it will probably show symptoms. Don't just accept that that is the way some people are. It may be but then, it may be trying to say that something is wrong. If it weren't for Sophie's bleeding nose (which seems to have stopped now) we would probably have just kept going along with no explanations.

Why fuel this amazing natural phenomenon on a daily basis with bad food and chemical concoctions proclaiming to be food? Never say never (life's not meant to be strict and boring either!) but listen to it and work with it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Where does the time go? Already we are over halfway through the year and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. I keep saying I will write more often and yet another week passes. I keep telling myself I don't need to write a book with each entry and can keep it short, but I usually have so much going through my head I want to write down! So what have I been doing foodwise? LOTS!

I have discovered oat milk, bought an ice cream maker, not replaced my kettle, gone back to planning my weekly meals, gone on holidays and eaten out a lot, have been looking more at allergenic foods, baking bread again, experimenting with recipes, watching MasterChef.... 

So previously I said I needed to declutter the kitchen yet go and buy an ice cream maker! Well, poor Sophie really can't tolerate cow milk so I bought it to make her goat milk ice cream! I've only used it once so far and the recipe still needs tweaking, but even I enjoyed it! (Goat milk is not one of my preferred beverages). It also means that we can avoid some of the other odd ingredients that seem to go into commercial ice cream.

I did get rid of the kettle though, so I guess it was one appliance out, one in! The kettle decided to stop working and after drying it out to take to the eWaste collection, I decided that the stuff coming out of it really mustn't be good for me, so now, the cup of tea of a morning is made by boiling the saucepan on the stove. It has certainly helped me cut down on the number of cups I have too! It's a bit sad that I really notice the difference not having it on the bench makes to the usable space on my benchtop! It really highlights just how small my kitchen is!!

As for time, I guess we will always wish for more. I just need to find a way to manage it better!