Sunday, January 10, 2010

Menu Plan Week Beginning Mon 11/1/10

How time flies during school holidays. They are never long enough for me to do everything I plan and want to do with the girls. This week has flown by.

Amy's birthday was a lot of fun and I think we spent most of the day eating!! Pancakes for breakfast, pub for lunch and curry for dinner - we've trained her well! More on the restaurants later.

The nachos were a big hit! The beans were great, not all mushy like most tinned beans and just the right amount of chilli. I'm thinking they may be an acceptable breakfast baked beans option. They were "Greenland" brand. The pea and ham soup was YUMMY! I will post up the recipe.

We did get out to Taronga Zoo today and saw the baby elephant. It was a bit hot and busy but the harbour breeze made it bearable. Food? We decided not to take our usual picnic and buy food there. Hmm, will go back to the picnic or find the steak sandwich cart first!

From this week I will be focusing a lot more on and incorporating more Low GI foods into our menus as I try and deal with my PCOS without medication. We do tend to eat more towards the Low GI side of things but I have been getting a bit slack during the silly season!

I have also taken to making our bread at home again. I go through phases with this and am experimenting with some different methods.

So this week on the menu, (I have caved in to the request by 2 little girls to have some fish fingers) we will be having:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Beef Stir-fry Steamed Salmon Rump Steak Provençal Beans and Rice Fish Fingers & Chips Lamb Chops & Stir-fried Vegies Pea & Ham Soup

Beef Strips Salmon fillets Rump Steak Cannellini Beans Fish fingers Lamb Loin Chops Leftovers
Rice Bran Oil Ginger Beans Fresh tomatoes Potatoes Brown Rice Fresh Bread
Garlic Garlic Mushrooms Red Capsicum Olive Oil Broccoli
Ginger Lemon Potatoes Green Capsicum Broccoli Cauliflower
Eschallot Soba noodles Olive Oil Zucchini
Rice Bran Oil
Chillis Sesame Oil Butter Herbes de Provence
Tamari Asian Greens Garlic Brown Rice

Jasmine Rice Tamari

Fried Shallots


Snow peas

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Amy's Birthday Cake

Amy had a "Fairy Princess" theme for her birthday party so, for the first time, I made one of those cakes with the legless Barbie stuck in the top! Luckily we did have a legless Barbie already, courtesy of Sophie who discovered that Barbie was not able to do the splits past 180º! To make the skirt shape, I baked the cake in a ceramic pudding bowl and it actually baked very easily in it. I'd never baked a cake in something that wasn't tin so the fingers and toes were all crossed!

I was quite proud of the outcome and now Sophie wants one for her birthday at the end of January.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu Plan Week Beginning Mon 4/1/10

Happy New Year!

I seem to have been very slack in keeping this blog updated. I thought I was organised and ready for the onslaught of Christmas but didn't factor in how busy we would be with 2 end-of-year school commitments AND organising Amy's birthday party for before Christmas before one of her friends goes away for 3 months.

The whole school thing was, of course, not without its stresses. Amy's Presentation Day and Sophie's Preschool Concert were both on the same day at EXACTLY the same time. Why hasn't someone developed cloning for parents?

Having Amy's party before Christmas, I think, worked out well and we may even stick to that idea for future years. Given her birthday is in the first week of January, many people are away at that time and it also means that perhaps, we, too could go away.

Christmas Day was a day of eating here at home - roast pork, ham and turkey - and I cooked my Nana's Christmas pudding for the first time and it worked brilliantly! Still don't like pudding though :(

So with the New Year, I am determined to keep the planning under control. This is also to help control the weight I seem to have gained through unplanned meals, eating out too often and picking! Greg also has a new job so I should be able to get back to my good routine and not succumb to suggestions of lunch out!!! I think I'll stick to beans at least once a week though - have been enjoying them.

A few notes about this week:
  • The Mexican beans are canned but they seemed interesting when I saw them in the supermarket.
  • I use 2 types of cheese when cooking - there is always a goat alternative for Sophie. She seems to be intolerant to the casein in cow's milk and it is not present in goat milk. I'll be getting her tested further this year.
  • Amy has requested curry for her birthday. :)
  • The ham bones are from our Christmas ham - beautiful free range ham that I glazed myself with some success!
  • I stocked up on the mince that was on special at our butcher before Christmas (not knowing if Greg would have a job!) and so there will be a few mince recipes over the next few weeks. They make life a bit easier too since most of the time it will make 2 meals.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Mince & Bean Nachos Chicken Stir-fry Amy's Birthday Pea & Ham Soup Grilled Fish & Salad Spaghetti Bolognaise Spaghetti Bolognaise

Beef Mince Chicken DINNER OUT Ham Bones White Fish Mince Leftovers
Mexican Beans Snow Peas Annapoorna
Oil Lemon Onion
Tomatoes Broccoli
Split Peas - yellow Avocado Garlic
Carrot Capsicum
Split Peas - Green Tomato Oil
Corn Chips Jasmine rice
Cumin Cucumber Dried Herbs
Gruyere Rice Bran Oil
Stock Cube (Massel) Shallot Fresh Basil
Goat Cheese Garlic
Water Dressing Tin Tomatoes
Olive Oil Ginger
Fresh Tomatoes







Goat Cheese