Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan Week Beginning Mon 9/11/09

Back at last! With Greg at home (and he is still unemployed), the school holidays, sick children, sick parents, trips to Emergency with Sophie and catching up on some craft projects, I'm back to setting my routine. Although I have been writing my plans, we haven't always been able to follow them and I have missed being organised. A lot can be said for having a routine.

I have been doing some interesting recipes, been to a vegetarian seminar and eating out (far too often) at some great places so I will start posting about those soon. Hopefully, I will also work out how to add some photos.

So for this week, we are eating....

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Beef and Greeen Bean Curry Chicken Stir-fry Beef Burritos Lamb Loin Chops Fish Let's Wing it! Lunch - German Veal Sausages

Gravy beef Chicken Strips Beef Mince Lamb Chops Salmon Fillets Amy's Ballet
Veal Sausages
Rice Bran Oil Snow peas Rice Bran Oil Beans Soba Noodles
Bread Rolls
Red Onion Zucchini Onion Broccoli Asian greens Take Away Sauerkraut
Beans Celery Garlic Rice Sesame Seeds
Fresh tomatoes Asparagus Wraps

Potato Salad
Besan flour Noodles Mexican Spices

Ginger Rice Bran Oil Shallots

Olive Oil
Spices Garlic Lettuce

Lemon juice
Chillies Ginger Capsicum

Rice Tamari Cucumber



Fresh tomatoes

Soup and Roll

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