Monday, October 5, 2009

Congri - Black Beans and Rice

For this dinner, I was inspired by the show on SBS, My Family Feast. Each week, Sean Connolly, a chef, visits a family in Australia to enjoy a feast from their cultural background. On Thursday 1st October, he joined a Cuban party. We were going to go out for dinner on Friday, but with the weather and 2 very tired girls, we decided to have dinner at home. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to make mojitos (sufficed with Corona beer) but I had everything else to make the Congri.

I must say, a pressure cooker would have made a huge difference. Even though I had soaked the beans, it took well over an hour for the beans to cook with a lot of extra water - 3 hours and left overnight, in fact. This was very frustrating as they smelt so good and we ended up having to get takeaway! I also didn't have a red capsicum but the green still tasted great. For the mixed herbs, I used Herbes de Provence. When it came time to add the rice, I used 3 cups of water.

Verdict? Yum! But I need a pressure cooker! Any recommendations?