Friday, June 2, 2017

The Challenge Part 2

This week has been an eye opener in terms of how much we spend on food and how much food waste we generate.

At the moment, we spend approximateky $25 a day for the four of us on food. That's 2.5 times the target for this challenge. I think it will be a much more challenging challenge after all! Goat milk is $4.99 a litre and the bread we buy, because it's the only one at Coles without added soy flour is $6 and $7 a loaf. We can buy 2 alternatives at Aldi.

It really is necessary to shop around if you have a budget. Aldi is certainly cheaper for a lot of things but I don't like the fact that the fruit and vegetables come prepacked in so much plastic. We love green vegetables,specially Chinese vegetables and, generally, at Coles, they are what I consider good value. That was until I went to the Asian grocery store to buy some dumplings and they are so much fresher and cheaper there! I did end up having to spend more than I wanted to though as they have a minimum of $30 for card and I didn't have cash.

We also buy a lot of nuts, seeds and other dry goods in bulk. This works out a lot cheaper than the supermarkets but you do need to have the money in order to do it. If we were living on the poverty line, this certainly wouldn't be feasible but it does highlight the need for more co-ops.

In terms of waste, we really don't produce much! Planing meals and buying just what we need has been something we have been doing for years. According to the ABC's War on Waste show, the average family throws out about $3500 worth of fonod a year.... that's nearly the equivalent of all the food on this challenge! How is that possible?!?

So from here, I am going to start publishing our meal plans for the week, trying to keep the spending  to a minimum while still considering our dietary restrictions.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The $2 Food Challenge

Last year at some point, I heard about living on $2 of food a day. To someone who loves food and eating, it sounded impossible! How could anyone live on $14 a week? BUT, I am always up for a challenge so I have decided to start researching it and see if it really is possible.....

This morning's reading has been very interesting and I have made some very interesting discoveries.

Here, in Australia, there is actually a fundraising initiative Live Below the Line. It is done during May (I'm a little disorganised to participate this year) and Julie Goodwin is/was an ambassador for them. The article doesn't seem to have a date.

What I really wanted to know was where the $2 comes from.

More research and I have found that it is a thing in the US too. It is called the Elon Musk Challenge. In 1990, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, lived on $1 a day for a month. Someone then replicated it last year, allowing for inflation and lived on $2 a day.

So, using an inflation calculator US$1 in 1990 is worth US$1.87 today. Converting that to Australian dollars, that is AUD$2.50. So for our family of four, that is $10 a day.

There are, of course, issues of the different costs of living between the two countries, particularly the cost of food, but I am happy to go with that value.

One of the things I have noticed is that a lot of the time, the menus suggested for the week or 5 days or even the month, are really bland and boring. If you are only doing it for 5 days, I think it would be really hard. You wouldn't be able to build up some staples, carried forward to a new week where you might be able to then spend money on something else. You may even have leftovers from those 5 days that have been factored into your $2 a day.

My plan, therefore, is to make this a long term project. Looking at our calendar, there doesn't seem to be any particular convenient time to experiment properly. We have some food intolerance issues that will be challenging to deal with. Sophie and I are not really good with beans and lentils and goat milk is $4.99 a litre. We are also rather accustomed to eating very well and eating ethically grown and raised produce. There will no doubt be special occasions where we will be eating out but I won't be counting these but if we want take away during the week, it will need to fit within the week's budget.

So why am I doing this?

  • I like a challenge!
  • So much food in the world goes to waste so this is also about reducing waste. We plan our meals and vary rarely throw out food but there is always room for improvement.
  • The family is very supportive and interested in doing it too.
  • I want to see if you can still eat interesting, nutritious meals on a strict budget.
  • I'm going to need to get creative!
This week, I'm going to calculate what our food costs us, without any variation to the routine or shopping.

Follow my page on Facebook too, where I will post up some photos as I go too. I have a lots of ideas for dishes, bulk cooking and ways to cut down on expenses but would love to hear any suggestions you may have too.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It's been a while!!

It has been a long time between posts. So much has happened, which, I don't think needs to fill these pages. In brief, I went back to teaching and have decided to go back to what I really love; food and wellbeing.

There are many posts sitting in drafts but I am not going to worry about those and start afresh, new reviews, new recipes, new weekly plans and new research links.

I am excited about where I am heading, and what I have planned in the pipeline.

If there is anyone still out there reading this, please let me know what interests you!

You can also follow me on Facebook...

Looking forward to connecting again!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunflower Butter

©2013 Foxy Food 

With school being nut free and our love for an easy, quick sandwich spread that not only has flavour but some nutritional benefit, we have previously bought the sunflower butter from the supermarket. I must say, I don't like it, the girls do but I also don't see why it needs to have so many added things like salt, sugar and vegetable oil of dubious quality.

With school going back tomorrow, we are on a mission to be organised and also cut down on packaged  foods, so today, I experimented and I'm very happy with the result.

I can't really say there was a recipe, I just processed 1 cup of organic sunflower seeds for several minutes and then added one teaspoon of coconut oil

To start with, the sunflower seeds become a powder but then as time goes on and they heat from the friction slightly, the oil is released and a buttery consistency is formed. I think the coconut oil is probably optional but it did come together a bit quicker then. 

The girls were given a taste on a water cracker without knowing what I had made and they loved it. I'm thinking a few variations may result with some added herbs and spices.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dinners 13th - 20th August

It's going to be a busy week so keeping the meals simple. I haven't really felt much like creating anything exciting lately but starting to feel like doing it again. I just wish things would slow down a bit so I can organise and prepare an interesting recipe!

This plan takes in an extra day and then from the next plan, my week will start on a Tuesday (yes, strange) as my food delivery will be coming on a Tuesday. I need to order on a Friday so hopefully it will all work out.

(Not sure what is happening with the formatting here, will work on it!)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Penne Bolognese Steamed Fish Onion Soup Vegetable Frittata Chicken Burritos
Beef mince White fish From the freezer Eggs Chicken Thighs
Onion Basmati Rice Bread rolls Spinach Mexican Spices
Garlic Broccoli Gruyère cheese Potatoes Tomato paste
Herbs Cauliflower Pumpkin Avocado
Tomato Paste Tomatoes Cucumber
Tomatoes Lettuce
Mushrooms Tomatoes
Zucchini Carrots

Saturday Sunday Monday
Lamb Chops Cheese on Toast Pea and Ham Soup
Lamb loin chops Caprakaas cheese From the freezer
Chips Jarlsberg cheese Bread rolls
Tomato gravy Sourdough

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dinners 8th - 12th August

School holidays + Greg away a bit = a bit lazy on the dinner front!

Yes, I've been a little lazy, the girls even had Weet-Bix for dinner one night! It was their suggestion!!

I thought it was a little late to put the last few nights' meals up so starting from today's through to Sunday.

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Chicken, Risotto
and Broccoli
Beef Stir Fry Steamed Fish Slow Cooked
Pickled  Pork
Chicken Drumsticks Beef Strips Salmon Brussel Sprouts Leftover pickled pork
Leftover Risotto Broccoli Broccoli Potatoes Toasted sandwich?
Broccoli Red Capsicum Beans Pumpkin Added vegies?
Lemon Beans Rice
Vermicelli Lemon
Fried Shallots
Chopped Onion
Soy Sauce

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dinners 25th-29th June

The craft fair was great fun today. Forgot to take the soup from the freezer beforehand so ended up with chicken and salad takeaway. Also didn't get around to buying the makings of a goat curry as I was rather busy twirling paper so we went out for Thai. :) The tomatoes which arrived with our grocery order were so unripe we couldn't do the Puttanesca pasta so that will be done this week. We had sausages and roast vegies instead, cooked by the girls!
So this week is the end of term which means for 2 weeks I won't be planning dinners. Greg is also not home for some dinners so it will be quite a relaxed week. He doesn't like tinned tuna so the girls and I will have tuna and bean couscous salad which is one of our favourites when he is note home. As a special treat, I have promised the girls fish and chips for the end of term

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Tuna and Bean Couscous Salad Pasta Puttanesca Pea and Ham Soup Lamb Chops Fish and Chips
Tin of Tuna Onion From the freezer Lamb Loin Chops End of term 
3 bean mix Garlic Broccoli TAKE AWAY!
Couscous Chilli Garlic Bread Beetroot
Cherry Tomatoes Olives Potatoes
Cucumber Capers Sweet Potato
Capsicum Anchovies
Coriander Tomatoes